2008 Mercedes-Benz E 350 with 48K Miles — W211 Sedan — Full Review and Test Drive by Bill

2008 Mercedes-Benz E 350 with 48K Miles - W211 Sedan - Full Review and Test Drive by Bill

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2008 Mercedes-Benz E350 W211 Sedan with 48K Miles. Full review and test drive by Bill.

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  1. We need you to get a few clean E55's in Bill!

  2. This Sport is in beautiful condition. Mine is 4matic black/black and about to turn 140k miles. Love these cars.
    Very surprised to see the saddle interior with silver. Would be a deal killer for me. Still a great example with low miles. Good job presenting your vehicles. Thx

  3. Squeaky blower fans are a common issue. Pretty easy fix. This is a really clean W211 and I do prefer the way these drive compared to the W212 body.

  4. i do need a place for my dead squirrels

  5. I absolutely love this car. I have a 2018 E300 now and honestly this one is more elegant than mine. I do love mine but I really hate the 4 cylinder, I do have to say Mercedes did something to make it sound like a 6 cylinder when you accelerate it doesn’t sound like a 4 cylinder . It’s a lease so I more than likely will get the GLE 450 next. Or maybe even something like this!

  6. Everything is just lovely.

  7. Lovely car — how much? Not listed on site yet! Will be in Naples Monday for 3 weeks condo hunting — this or a CLK would be a good condo option. Will pop in for a look at your inventory. If we see something can it be bought and stored while condo completes?

  8. Silver on beige is sacrilege in a MB. Black or grey interior at least.

  9. Love the watch (11:20). What brand / model is it, please?

  10. Totally agree with you, I’ve bought used Lexus vehicles, amazing cars for not much money! I’ll never understand why people spend fortunes on brand new cars that aren’t even nice lol.

  11. Black Lexus SC430 in the background?! Can we see that one next?

  12. You said 211 Bill no dementia for you I can't agree Bill It don't have SAT Radio there's no trunk Antenna and it would show call Sirus and give the radio ID # when you pushed the SAT button But grt8 vehicle . TY fro the ride along.

  13. ok..I am liking the "Kid Net"..nice car Bill

  14. My Mercedes — Benz 2006 E — Class E350 Blue metallic colour car Orginal Paint And Miles 123789 KM 2019 USA Model W211 My Favourite E class case I bought the car in 2006 so far it didn't leave me on the road.

  15. I know the voices in my head aren't real, but they come up with some great ideas… Muahahahah

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