2014 Mercedes-Benz S Class — Review and Road Test

2014 Mercedes-Benz S Class - Review and Road Test

You love to drive, but you love to be driven. Thy name is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. And while its options may not deliver palm fronds and grapes, the latest S-Class can give you the equivalent of a hot-stone massage and an aroma-therapy session.

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Comments (29)

  1. The only car I have and will ever buy!

  2. The review would've been much better with Micah Muzio

  3. It's the vehicle raymond reddington rides in in the blacklist in season 3 and on

  4. Now All you need is Raymond Reddington

  5. An s class can be optioned? Wtf

  6. „Sluggish wifi speeds” ?!? im suprised it has any wifi in it wow

  7. I want to see the car gearbox with P R N D 2 L the car get it all the p r n d 2

  8. Zack and his Gray Poupon lol

  9. Even when this is 4 year old now, still a light year ahead of most others

  10. I wonder what the 2020 model is going to look like

  11. Awesome car and great review. .."Yeshua / Jesus is the way "

  12. The Model X is better. It’s faster too at the same prices. What even is this anymore BRAH. The Model X would smoke this WITH seven people in the car WHILE eating no dinosaurs. Caca mierda!!

  13. Its a beast I gotta get this luxury ride….

  14. "This that Grey Poupon,
    that Avion , that Ted talk
    watch my soul speak, you let the meds talk"

  15. There's no SWB version in the US, right?

  16. This or a Rolls Royce or a Bentley? It's a very hard question!

  17. this the kind of car i would advice not to buy it . if you can't afford buying it brand new. then you probably cant afford to maintain it . because it is very expensive to maintain German cars in general . they become very unreliable junk . after 80K miles on them . sad but true fact !!!!

  18. I really miss instrument clusters that were not just screens

  19. that two tone seat color scheme is hideous


  21. This car says you made it big in life

  22. my favorite thing to do in this car when sitting at the back is to open the sunroof's cover or just looking at myself with the mirror and using the sun shades on both of the back windows and the rear windows and watch some movies with the tv on the back of the seat (great especially when travelling) oh well.

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