2019 Mercedes B-Class FULL REVIEW all-new BClass B-Klasse AMG-Line — Autogefühl

2019 Mercedes B-Class FULL REVIEW all-new BClass B-Klasse AMG-Line - Autogefühl

In today’s Autogefühl's episode, we present you the all-new Mercedes B-Class. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines and driving experience - and this time also an assistance systems safety feature.

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Comments (34)

  1. Wanted to buy it even before the review.

  2. Mercedes is the worse car I ever owned.I have c class for 12 years and it's the worse car ever.Every possible electrical problems,abs,esp,bas ….just name it.rust is everrywhere,so unreliable car.I would never ever buy mercedes car again.You should learn from Japaneses how to make a quality car.

  3. 4000 euros for those 10.25 screens and 400 extra for carplay and still no wireless carplay…..they are really dragging their feet in the motor industry

  4. Mercedes a lot of advertising just hot air !!!
    I laugh #TOT, we are freezing since the beginning of January 2019 because #Mercedes can not deliver # spare parts for the #Hitzheizung W246, today is already the 19.02.2019 and still nothing happened. # Mercedes-Benz sign CS-1-20785475368

  5. Mercedes viel Werbung nur heiße Luft !!!
    Ich lach mich #TOT, wir frieren seit Anfang Januar 2019 weil #Mercedes keine #Ersatzteile für die #Sitzheizung liefern kann W246, heute ist bereits der 19.02.2019 und immer noch nichts passiert. #Mercedes-Benz Zeichen CS-1-20785475368

  6. Great video….how is the roar roar or noise form the cabin? It sounds quite loud from the video.

  7. I think all the safety and parking systems are great but I'd much rather park myself using the cameras and the sensors. It's much quicker doing it yourself!

  8. Its fucking hideous, horrible design by merc,all new mercs are really horrible, they should learn a thing or two from peugeot designers,pug 508 and 3008 are 10 times better interior and exterior wise then any mercedes.

  9. Another superb video and review

  10. What type of foreign engine is fitted to the mercedes 180 or 200 ? Is a Nissan and not a Mercedes engine

  11. Excellent review, thanks a lot! Are the A class and B class the only cars (below 60K EUR) that have the new Mercedes twin touch pad dash board? (MUXH or whatever it was called)

  12. the best or nothing.. hahaha

  13. Thomas, another amazing review. On your parking assist question, I had a W212 (last generation E Klass) with the parallel parking assist. I did not use it very much, because I live in an area with very little parallel parking. On a trip I was forced to parallel park in a tiny parking lot covered is compact snow and ice, more ice than snow, that was at an extreme angle with a massive snow bank at edge of the parking space. My car did a perfect job parking in the spot, it even allowed room to open all four doors next to the snow bank. I know, I know MB says the system should not be used like this but I am so happy it worked. So…. long story short when I was buying my new W213 (current E Klass) parking pilot was on my list of must have options. The only thing I do not like about parking pilot is in the US the remote parking is disabled, that is very disappointing to say the least.

  14. so you have tested a b-class merc with a diesel engine.thank goodness they are still making diesel engines.the newer ones are not that polluting are they?

  15. This car looks better then A- class. B looks more mature.

  16. I wished Mercedes-Benz offers this model in the USA, powered by the same 180 bhp (135 kW) drivetrain as the new A220 saloon that just went on sale in the country.

  17. Imagine this car as a B35 with 300 horsepower…it would have been the perfect car

  18. Thomas thanks for the very thorough review. Very interesting perspective on the B class I have not heard from other journalists. Love the fact you review each vehicle on its merits and not based on preconceptions. Keep up the great work.

  19. Sounds much noisier at 48:00 when driving at 100 kph, than my B200 CDi AMG (W246) Had you got the windows down and where was the Mike ?
    What happened to the SAT-NAV at 50:00 ! — Didn't you get verbal instructions ½ mile, ¼ mile before to instruct you to turn right ? My €40 Sat Nav is better than this ! or as I more often use recently my Android SmartPhone with Google Maps and Traffic updates (Which via Bluetooth works through the speakers, and I can also say OK Google Navigate to home) Great very thorough review, most impressed with a lot of new features that I had the opportunity to be part of a Customer Survey at Dortmund December 2016 where a prototype was shown, very much like this Model, but with unfinished interior (Cardboard Dash with Pictures) I was told in a one/one interview that the new engines would be 25% smaller, but produce more power. This does not appear to be the case however, other than the Petrol Versions. As far as consumption I regularly get on a run over 50 miles (80 Km) 72 MPG / 25.63 Km per Litre. Can't believe the 'Steering Input' at 59:45 — over 45° — can't remember doing that much unless Parking ? Mind you I normally 'feed the wheel' and keep my hands at 10 to 2 Comfort Mode ? Do you mean Eco Mode ? I only use Sport Mode (rarely) when need to move on quickly. It really makes a difference in faster acceleration and revs engine more. Have driven the roads in Mallorca you tested on many times and know them well, but not in a B200 Mercedes, as rent a car when on holiday there in Cala Bona. At 1:06:48 what's all that about "Silver" went out years ago, I had one of the first (W245) in Silver collected from Rastatt in 2006, my B200 CDi AMG Line (W246) is White and would go for that again. And for goodness sakes stop calling it a VAN, whilst not as pretty as Lily James, far more practical, I can get 2 bikes in the rear with seats down easily, I love mine and in the past have had 190E/230E/280SE/380SLC/420SE and this is the best. (135mph sat nav genuine, 140 mph Speedo) and 72.4 mpg (not at the same time mind you)

  20. Can’t wait for the B class to come out in Australia!!

  21. Can t wait for the GLB 2019.

  22. Hahahah when you said yachts and b-class have something in common I thought you're going to say the turning circle 😀
    You really did make the B class review interesting though, great as always 🙂

  23. what is this? Is it hatchback, small suv or what?

  24. When overtaking, sometimes you need to accelerate to avoid hitting the incoming vehicle. What will the mercedes do then? brake? Because braking may not be a good choice… I really wonder that ..

  25. Can't you just say that you believe killing animals/eating meat is wrong, instead of making it to a enviromental question. As far as I know leather is a bi-product from the meat industry (natural), and leatherette is made from oil (chemical).

  26. If we got this in the US I'd replace my C-Max with it

  27. Is Thomas sick? Hey has a very yellow skin.

  28. Do you also make a review of the a class sedan?

  29. i downvoted the car, not the review

  30. B class — Not exciting?
    Thomas — Let me give a try.

    Thomas made this exciting. Wow awesome.

  31. May I ask you what lens you have on the Sony camera at 28:46?

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