2019 Suzuki Jimny (ENG) — Test Drive and Review (also off road)

2019 Suzuki Jimny (ENG) - Test Drive and Review (also off road)

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Suzuki Jimny is one of the last “true” off-roaders. And probably the cheapest as well. This is the fourth generation of the small, Japanese off roader. Today Suzuki Jimny is a giant measuring 3.5 metres in length, and 164 cm in width. In 1970 it was simply called LJ10, and was powered by an air-cooled, 2-stroke 360cc engine. LJ10 weighed around 600 kg, and was around 3 metres long, about the size of the original Mini. Suzuki Jimny is built on a ladder frame. This means more rigidity, as the car is subject to forces when off-roading. Moreover Jimny has big approach, breakover, and departure angles. Suzuki Jimny also gets 4-wheel drive with a low range, which helps make use of torque off road.

Starting price: 18 000 euro
As tested: ~20 000 euro

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Comments (44)

  1. sold out in the first month…

  2. i never off road but i like that vehicle because its cute….make a 4 door please or a 2 door with good space at the back seat….and a bit more powerful engine for US please

  3. Anchor points are available from Suzuki in all markets, they're cheap and effective.

  4. Don't use the default maps.. plug in your phone and use waze or google, second.. the infotainment fault isn't on Suzuki.. it isn't even on the infotainment manufacturer, Andrioid auto is pretty broken and buggy lately, you need to keep updating your phone and you need to use an OFFICIAL Samsung capable.. nothing else, you also need to select file transferring to be enabled and not just charging.

  5. Fuel tank capacity is 40 but the reserve tank takes up 7-10 of that.. when my range says it's 60-80km I top up.. and it says it's full after 25L which is frustrating, none the less it's actually not too horrible on fuel.

  6. Mine is great.. 5000km in and it hasn't missed a beat, It's done great in the Australian climate which is arguably one of the tougher climates the Jimny has been released it, Everyone here loves it and the waiting list for new buyers is in excess of a year.

    Parking is fine actually.. when I parallel park I mount the curb without a care in the world and straighten it up with the limited space I have, it's great because I've never found a place I couldn't find a parking spot.. always a little gap or useless wasted space that I refer to as the Jimny spot.

  7. Horrible biased review from a typical sheep who doesn't get it. Not all of us want the over-optioned, over priced cookie cutter crap that is being shoved down our throats. Many of us just need basic transportation, utility and capability with basic style that doesn't look like a spaceship on wheels. The simplicity of this truck should be offered by every manufacturer in every country for those who need it. And others will have it as a for-fun 2nd car. But the manufacturers keep pushing more more more, so the prices keep going up. I'm glad Suzuki gets it.

  8. It really is the cheapest and most off road capable car to be ever made which will last even longer than jeep or land cruiser

  9. Gravel road… really? Jees you have no ideea what Dusters doo… start doing you homework and stop being lazy

  10. it looks like you a not understand this car and say smthn sheet about it/

  11. Jimny is OTG car, night/day, snow/rain, it’s 24*7 if you know what you’re gonna use it for.

  12. Its just a small fun 4WD. If you want all the bells and whistles buy something else. The basic nature of this vehicle is it's attraction.

  13. When you want to tell something that you really think, don't you use an hypocrite language. Your video is a shit.

  14. I suspect you didn't like the car, you didn't show off any of it's real capabilities.

  15. Very complete presentation,but i would prefer my Panda 4×4 1.3 mtj 95ps of 16000 euro,for his better combination on and off road, and his much more better interior practicallity!

  16. FAB car for such a cheap price, yer

  17. A very good review, thank you

  18. your English is very good

  19. How is the on-road high speed stability ie body roll in while turning, braking response, stopping behavior.

  20. Finally a honest car review

  21. This colour looks best for the new Jimny

  22. Borat reviews better than ths guy

  23. In 1978..i was 16 yrs old a friend of my father had a lj 50 jesus it was fun loved the two stroke 550cc… 41 yrs later and 56..im 7 years in ownership of a 2007 suzuki jimny..just as fun but not as fun as that lj50 …but you know progress is to move forward..

  24. Acceleration and top speed…….totally irrelevant. Decent review though cheers.

  25. Looks like a g wagon? are you fucking kidding me? common man, this is a tiny shitty 4wd.

  26. Put a deposit down last year, still waiting for confirmation, in no rush just as long as it turns up! This is the first car in 20 years that has genuinely excited me, I could buy a Range Rover at 5x the price and still not get the same fizz. It's a zero BS car, designed for what it's intended . A massive poke in the eye for the Luxury Limousines dressed as a 4×4's.

  27. The only front and rear solid axel car in this price range !

  28. Suzuki won't bring this car to Ireland. Which is a pity because I'd buy it.

  29. If they sell enough, I bet they'll make a long wheelbase version.

  30. Nice review, what is that software you use comparing cars 3d? Efekt widmo?

  31. Sadly Jimny's starting price in Finland is over 26000€! Thats mainly because our CO2-based tax.

  32. I have had my New Jimny for 8 weeks… It is awesome.
    You buy a Jimny because you know what you are buying.
    It's not a High Feature Discovery/G-Waggon,
    It's an extremely capable, no frills small 4X4.

    I smile every time I drive it, that's what counts for me. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I have the same colour as the review.

  33. only suzuki and really out of the way is a dog!! now if you want it to go where it went and the master cast it do not go with such a stink and put a little cake for such situations… jimny is very nice of road car!!

  34. Terrible review tbh, you've reviewed a 4×4 like it's a city run about car… apples and oranges, horses for courses.

    For what it is, what it is built for and what it can accomplish in the 4×4 category, it hits the nail straight on the head!

  35. Seems offroading done at Ukrainian highways

  36. In south east Asia, this is THE car. i.e. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines. Simple, cheap, go anywhere rough and tumble durability sells. If you don't live in the big city, this is the sh-t. During rainy season this will still do the job. Nice review Marek!!

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