2020 Mercedes Benz GLE 350 — Why I really want this SUV!

2020 Mercedes Benz GLE 350 - Why I really want this SUV!

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Comments (14)

  1. 2019 Bmw x5 looks far better. Merc look like grown up glc.

  2. i like it but the back of it looks gay

  3. Black wheels are the ugliest fad in the history of fads.

  4. what us this bad camera u use man .

  5. Why would italic type face be considered sporty? Disconnect here

  6. Where is the Diesel engine option MB? The DIESEL OR Nothing.

  7. Those wheels are tiny looking, the headlights are not all that great looking, I think in bright sun the instrument panel would really get washed out because it’s not recessed w/a hood, over all the bmw 5 series is way better looking inside & out

  8. Those wheels are so bad though. And it needs the amg line package to look better at the front. I preferred the old front design. How is build quality? Does the panels feel dense and not hollow? Old mercs had a strong dense feeling almost like granite.

  9. Frankly, nothing worth the excitement

  10. This video was in my recommendation , this video will have at least 20k views soon good luck

  11. Great review very informative. What’s with automakers and black rims ? Apart of that beautiful vehicle.

  12. Hi Bro.. You forget about the second row seat! I need to know how comfort the second row seat.. You know, we dont drive alone all the time. Sometime we got company, so i need to know the second row seat

  13. Waiting for the 450 review

  14. Those wheels are laughable! They do have some other nicer options. I really like how this new one looks.

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