BMW 3 Series 2019 vs Audi A4 vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class – Group Test | Which one would you buy?

BMW 3 Series 2019 vs Audi A4 vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class – Group Test | Which one would you buy?

It’s the biggest car group test of the year as we pit the new BMW 3 Series against its two arch rivals – the Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Watch as we run through each car’s interior, practicality and overall drive, with a verdict of which comes out on top delivered at the end.

The cars taking part are a BMW 320D M Sport, an Audi A4 40 TDI S Line and a Mercedes-Benz C220 d AMG Line.

Which one would you spend your money on? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to read our detailed written group test, here:


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Comments (34)

  1. Very good review and cleary explain, presentation and angle is realy good!

  2. BMW looks superior here.

  3. I’ve just had a road test with the prospect to buy, of a G30 330i and it is a fantastic drive. For sure it is a big improvement on the E90 and the F30 which I currently own. These are an improvement: Road holding, steering, acceleration, agility, engine noise level, road noise. It might be slightly larger but does not feel so, unlike the difference between the E90 & F30. For me the F30 feeling a deal larger and not so agile.

  4. very nice professional review! I thought you must have like 1million subscribers because the quality of the video is superb. well done!

  5. You have got really nice communication sir

  6. Ridiculous oversimplification of the benefits of 4WD to say “not relevant unless going off road”.

  7. I would buy Tesla Model 3! Again!

  8. BMW is the latest model among the 3….. but the dashboard is the most outdated…. love Audi’s Google Earth GPS map on the dashboard

  9. I would have always chose the C-class over the BMW or Audi. I'd still choose it over the Audi but the BMW 3 series takes the win now.

  10. Those stuck on screens in the Audi and Merc with their huge bezels will date horribly.

  11. Saw the new bmw 3 series while out shopping. Doesn’t have road presence and doesn’t look special enough.

  12. you compare 2019 car against 2013 and you say 2019 its better , wow cant belive it

  13. Ultimate driving machine nth else nth more

  14. Blows my mind how you europeans ALWAYS CHOOSE the low power, FWD Audi for comparisons. This is a platform that takes pride in its Quattro system and is exceptional, yet you guys pick the worst trim everytime to compare it. People buy Audi for QUATTRO, what's the point in reviewing the FWD model that makes up 0% of sales? (in America at least, i'd imagine more Quattros sell overseas as well). I'm a certified through Audi in sales, we have over 400 cars and there isn't even ONE on our lot that is FWD. The FWD Audi is entering a boxing match wearing pillow padded gloves, while the Quattro is watching from the sidelines wearing brass knuckles. Sad to say the least. This is a brand that built its name on rugged AWD grip and power. Yet, you pick the sterile neutered version to compare to some heavy hitters. And no, Quattro is not the equivalent of Xdrive, it is much much better in many ways.

    Otherwise very solid review, don't let my specific opinion convince you otherwise.

  15. Usually prefer BMW and Audi over Mercedes, but the current C-class definitely looks the best here. Audi looks too much like all the other VW group stuff, and the BMW looks like its moved down market.

  16. As a huge Merc fan, I am livid about your conclusion. BUT, it is the right one. If more reviews like this can force Mercedes to step it up then great. I was very disappointed with this generation c class. The 203 was uncompromisingly a comfort oriented vehicle and that was perfect. It was true to Mercedes virtues. Solid build quality, excellent refinement and amazing comfort. The 204 was just had poor build quality. The 205 now the worst. It's not sporty yet it's not comfortable either. This annoyed me because they should know better!! Argh. I'm so pissed.

  17. The C Class has the best engine because Merc's new 2 litre diesel is just astonishing. So refined and so economical. However, the C Class is in desperate need of upgraded build quality. The W203 C Class felt so solid and had not a single piece of hard plastic in sight. The W205 is the worst. It doesn't have that solid feel of old Mercedes. I hope they are listening for the next c class. Because the build quality alone is what made me keep my W203.

  18. The a4 shouldn’t be even considered. It look just not comparable to merc or bmw.

  19. Hard to beat the beemers

  20. Volvo S60! Also these aren't "compact".

  21. She's 5 years old but I still love that C

  22. Good review mate! Keep up going. Realy clearly explaind. I'm going subscribe! BMW is the big winner ofcourse!!!!
    Thanks for the review. I enjoyd!

  23. Mercedes C Class wins it for me, looks, interior, all of it just seems alot better and a class above the others, the drive may not be as fun, some features may be different, but overall i prefer it alot more

  24. I received my 330i M Sport on Monday. Loving it!!!!

  25. I've had an e90 and two f30 320ds as company cars. I see no reason why I will be changing any time soon.

  26. The Volvo S60 fucks all of these in the ass

  27. Did he say no more iDrive? of course it's got iDrive you can see the wheel on the console by far the best multimedia system of the three.

  28. You can do the reviews with a little more enthusiasm and a smile on your face..

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