BMW Driver Test Drives A Mercedes C43 AMG

BMW Driver Test Drives A Mercedes C43 AMG

Crazy BMW Driver Test Drives A Mercedes C43 AMG

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Welcome back to the channel ladies and gentleman! Today the "Crazy" BMW Driver test drives a Mercedes C43 AMG. This video is nothing crazy, but we felt it was important that you guys and gals understand how this AMG performs compared to proper BMW cars. Enjoy: Crazy BMW Driver Test Drives A Mercedes C43 AMG!
- Beemer Fam

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Comments (26)

  1. What do you think about the C43 AMG? Is it a TRUE AMG car? Help this video reach 1k likes!

  2. Does he realise that his E39 M5 looks pretty shite in this day and age

  3. Bull shit u jst bmw fan and thats it, u not reviewing tht car well , C43 amg its way better than u jst reviewed it

  4. C43 is not a true amg, True amgs have V8s

  5. What is difference between C63s and c43

  6. Gotta drive the Nissan GT-R

  7. Nice Video Bro from Germany, please Drive a E63s AMG

  8. When are you driving Danny's new m3

  9. Mercedes aren't supposed to be emotional. They're axe murderers in tuxedos. Case and point, you looked like a Hitman in the Merc, but you look like a driver in the Bimmer.

  10. Yes, she's still a thorough bred AMG. Some people think just because the engines are not hand-built (none of the AMG engines are anymore), and that they're turbo'd and lower displacement make them superficial or fake, but it's all in the tuning and suspension. Still very fast around a track, and that's what matters.

  11. C 43 AMG is not a real AMG

  12. I cant change a heart of a bmw guy, but im telling you man, Mercedes is one hell of a brand

  13. I need interior like yours

  14. DO Audi S5 b8.5 version!!!

  15. Doesn’t sound as good as a Bmw straight six tho

  16. C43 shouldn’t even be considered an AMG you would’ve been much more impressed if it were a C63

  17. I love your Channel btw i hate Mercedes i Love BMW ☺

  18. Hey man it would be dope to link up with you sometime im in Michigan too and your not far from me at all i also have a bmw

  19. I love AMG, but for $50,000 plus with a car that has 362HP and it’s a V6 isn’t what you’d pay for especially for an AMG. Of course it still has all the technology and luxury. But if anyone is buying an AMG for any reason is because of performance and speed. I feel like the C43 is a taste of what you would feel on an AMG.

  20. It's an AMG but it only has a V6?? They should be ashamed…

  21. Pretty good looking and sounding car!

  22. dude you should test e55 amg w211 then you will sell your m and will buy one of them

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