Crazy BMW Driver Drives A Mercedes AMG

Crazy BMW Driver Drives A Mercedes AMG

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Welcome back to the channel ladies and gentleman! Today the BMW Driver takes the Mercedes CL63 AMG for a proper spin! BMW Driver Drives A Mercedes AMG! Enjoy!
- Beemer Fam

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Comments (22)

  1. Now you see what happens when you drop your car off to get serviced

  2. rolls down windows oooh so far I like

  3. Did he shave in between clips? Lol.

  4. Lol i'm laughing at how he is pulling himself in frontback of the chair by giving the fake impression that he drives a rocket hahaha

  5. 1:33 made me laugh lungs out..!!

  6. Is he being sarcastic or is this an actual review

  7. Don t be an idiot.Mercedesc is for men,and bmw for boys…

  8. Whats up with the rpms?? Are they stuck in high revs or is it just me?

  9. BMW m cars are all about high end HP ie lots of revs and driving like a loon. AMG are all about low down toque luxury and driving like a loon. Both great in there own way. Silly to dislike something because you are only used to one manufacture.

  10. ugly ass old mercedes … get him a new S 63 AMG please ffs

  11. Ohhh Mercedes fans start talking shit again. If you wanna have fun BMW Mercedes is all about luxury that’s it

  12. Actually got some power when you driving this

  13. You beemer fan should try an Audi RS…

    Benz all the way!

  15. Douchebag driver drives A Mercedes AMG

  16. Stay away from that beauty! Go smash the pedal in a fuckin Bmw! You retard!

  17. Its a 130000$ car! You must like! N calm it down on the pedal idiot!!!

  18. Pleaseee drive a honda civic typ r 97

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