Euro NCAP Crash Test of Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2019

Euro NCAP Crash Test of Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2019

Euro NCAP performs a series of crash tests on each model tested:
- a frontal impact test, the car impacts a rigid barrier
- an offset frontal impact test, 40% of the width of the car is striking a deformable barrier
- a pole test, the tested car is propelled sideways into a rigid pole
- a side impact test, a mobile deformable barrier impacts the driver's door

A series of pedestrian tests are conducted with different impactors, adult and child head form, lower and upper leg form and whiplash tests are performed on a sled.

Active safety is tested based on the car’s equipment: autonomous emergency braking systems (car to car, with a pedestrian and a cyclist target), lane support and speed assist technologies and seatbelt reminders.

All details on the Euro NCAP Website: https://www.euroncap.com/en/results/Mercedes-Benz/G-Class/34835

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  1. I cant believe it's so safe for pedestrians

  2. Look at the passengers at the back. high five!

  3. It’s literally the crash test all of us have been waiting for.

  4. Further confirming that this car is indeed a tank lol

  5. Thanks for test. But why did you test for example Dacia Dokker?
    They are sold 1000% more…
    The test price is 90% cheaper…

  6. Exciting to see inverted drop test of this kind

  7. For the folk saying that super and hyper cars dont get crash tested stop talking shit. Even the likes of $2M Regera get tested. The manufacturer may not provide the 20+ examples required especially in low volume productions but they get crash tested for sure.

  8. Is it safe for the rear seats to come down during the crash? Or is that because there isn't a passenger?

  9. My old g/wagon still going strong at 20 years old best for off roading with diff locks never let me down

  10. Half a million dollars gone up in dust. I'm on a 7-month list to get my G500 delivered.

  11. 1:02 That dummy must be surprised when the headrest came off

  12. бля 4 гелика разбили

  13. I'm surprised at just how good it did considering it looks like a soviet era GAZ army jeep.

  14. Gotta admit. I am frankly quite impressed

  15. В России эти системы не очень хорошо работают! Разметки почти нигде нет!!

  16. At 0:51 the backseat cannot hold itself in place! Much less keep the cargo/luggage in the rear compartment. The car is far too rigid and will likely destroy a meeting ordinary car completely because of the stiff frames underneath. This car belongs in the woods or the countryside as a tractor and should be abandoned from the streets.

  17. За 300000$ он должен летать….. а он только тормозит.

  18. Прям красавец. Зауважал

  19. Старый бы гелик снес бы стену

  20. That chassis has been around forever and its still surpasses standards. Saw a news report of one driving through a third story and landing on the roof. Driver got out fine

  21. СУКИ 4 гелика разбили !

  22. это сука танк

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