Mercedes 560SL R107 — Classic Test Drive — Mountain Convertible

Mercedes 560SL R107 - Classic Test Drive - Mountain Convertible

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Mercedes-Benz 560SL R107 Test Drive. Very nice car. I love classic cars.

Shoot on:
GoPro 5
Panasonic GX85 20mm 1.7
Phantom 3

Comments (14)

  1. Well… the racing gloves were a bit more as the speed didn't exceed 30 mph but despite that it is awesome car in stunning condition. Well done!

  2. Music ? Rly ? What a fail.

  3. Is the driver cold? Or does the script want him to just look pretentious?  (Leather jacket , gloves, and side windows up…)

  4. a classic SL in California…..that is a perfect combination…. manifestation of childhood fantasies right there !

  5. That's the Regina car omg!

  6. Worst video ever. You can't see any detail of the car the frames are so fast I hate drone videos like this they just Make you dizzy and annoyed.

  7. Great car and a nice drive , thanks . Does this car break down all the time like some like to think ??
    Beautiful country .

  8. I hate it when people were driving gloves. It’s just a car it makes it look like to care wat to munch for it. Just be your self no need for the gloves I see people drive. Cars. That cost over 500 k. And don’t sport driving gloves. In all it’s glory it’s only worth around 20 k

  9. Красивая машина

  10. Belle vidéo , belle voiture par contre la musique.. dommage.

  11. What song is this? I can't find this instrumental version, just the lyrical version.

  12. You'd think we'd hear the delicious V8 rumble but no, we're served this silly music instead… I really don't get you guys…

  13. Very beautiful!
    I hope there will come more videos like this one:)

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