Mercedes Actros (2019) High-Tech Truck

Mercedes Actros (2019) High-Tech Truck

The new Mercedes-Benz Actros 2019 is a truck featuring pioneering innovations in series production which immediately pay off. The vehicle increases efficiency for business owners and comfort for drivers to a previously unattained level: fuel consumption has fallen noticeably while safety and vehicle availability have been increased further.

The opportunities provided by digitisation have been leveraged in order to achieve that. This applies in particular to the new Multimedia Cockpit, the completely updated interface between the driver and vehicle. The driver benefits from a seamlessly connected workspace with digital services and assistance systems, which can be used intuitively and support the drivers to operate even more effectively. The digital aspects also benefit fleet managers and scheduling teams. Thanks to the new Actros' comprehensive connectivity they are able to monitor their trucks in real-time without interruption and delays. All necessary maintenance and logistics processes, for example, can be perfectly organised and immediate response is possible in urgent cases.

The new Actros is available to order with the start of the 2018 IAA show. The first vehicles will be delivered to customers in spring next year. The options for configuring the new Actros are extensive and each customer will be able to order precisely the Actros which best meets the individual requirements.

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  1. ganz nett, aber eben kein Scania

  2. I don"t like this the future it close the peaple are making too far. Becose i don't like this cose the end is near i don't like flying car pls don't

  3. How about if the camera is faulty!

  4. can anyone tell me what is the meaning of actros name ??

  5. تبيع يله سولف ابيش

  6. Great truck but the base model will be the same as always, clunky, uncomfortable gutless and noisy.

  7. This is the super truck. It reveals the brand's new flagship. The new Actros is a truck featuring which consists of new ideas, latest methods, innovations which instantly pay off.

  8. siguen copiando a scania

  9. Это же как прилипнуть можно на такой красоте где нибудь в Новосибирске.датчики сплошная электроника сомнительное счастье.а в минус 40 будет тебе писать вы в космосе дорог нет я не поеду)))))

  10. Ne alaka tablet ulan kamyoncu adam eller yaglı tabletmi tutcak

  11. Mercedes-Benz the wonderful

  12. Ridicolo prefiro com os retrovisores de antes!

  13. American trucks are junk.
    Europe trucks are high tech

  14. How much das it cost mercedes benz truck

  15. 0:00 a 2:30 please name of first music

  16. Last Actros I drived was in 2002. I loved him! I can't imagine the new model… Then I only had Scania and Volvo. Now I'm in-love with my (2015) 500 FH Globtrotter XL.

  17. Es precioso simplemente hermoso

  18. ماقدر اقاوم اي فديو لمرسيدس انها رائعه


  20. اكتروس عملاق النقل الدولى

  21. Wow sieht der lkw kacke ohne Spiegel aus

  22. Daimler confirm only 3 years of battery life currently might/must improve for secondary truck market

  23. Nice truck not much effort into shape shift for drag reduction

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