Mercedes Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion | TEST DRIVE | CES 2015

Mercedes Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion | TEST DRIVE | CES 2015

The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion: Forerunner of a mobility revolution
With the S 500 INTELLIGENT DRIVE and the Future Truck 2025, Mercedes-Benz has already made the vision of autonomous driving become reality. The new research vehicle F 015 Luxury in Motion has its world premiere at theConsumer Electronics Show, and provides a concrete example of the visionary ideas the company is developing with regard to autonomous driving of the future. With this self-driving luxury saloon Mercedes-Benz illustrates how the car is growing beyond its role as a mere means of transport and will ultimately become a private retreating space. This new way of travelling gives passengers the freedom to use their valuable time on the road in manifold ways.



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Comments (42)

  1. It is shit and it can kill a licene officer should not recomend this shit

  2. This car it is nice ,it is porch but at theend of the day you can how fast you want .Incase the electronics malfunction in this car and carry me to hell or to death what i will do nothing

  3. yea i need this car dallas tx

  4. is that force touch I see someone get Apple on they phone.

  5. That desk is for ironing! LOL!

  6. Video is not real ::D
    Car is, but it is shit and it is very unhealthy!!

  7. If it was up to some of you people we would still be riding horses today.

  8. This takes the fun out of everything about a car,

  9. cant wait till someone mods one of these things and put mounted guns on the top and drives it through time square….were gonna need to assemble a team of autobots to save the day, hopefully the decipticons dont get ahold of one of these.

  10. Imagin you have to drive somewhere very quickly and the car is like "Looking for updates, please wait… " -> update failed, cant connect to internet, try later again"

  11. Is this car real now, or just 3d?

  12. tech specs?  how much RAM does it got YO!?

  13. Ein unfassbarer Design Fail, der vom Marketing gestoppt hätte werden müssen. Die gerade erst neu definierte Mercedes Formensprache wird hier komplett ignoriert,das ganze Konzept atmet die Atmosphäre der frühen Nuller Jahre, hier prickelt gar nix. Da hilft auch der zehnte Aufguss vom Blingbling-Grill nichts.
    Und das "radikale" One-Box Konzept haben wir beim Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro im Film Enders Game vor zwei Jahren schon besser gesehen. Dort gehört es auch hin: In einen lustigen Science Fiction Streifen.

  14. In case of a accident who's fault is?

  15. Can it do a burnout? 🙂 Looks kinda slow ..

  16. You're all just afraid of the future. Change is natural. This is a great thing can't you see?

  17. so the future is the car driving you to wherever you need to go, trusting a computer to do it, while the whole family stares at their own mobile phones…Can't wait to die if this is what is in store for the future…

  18. what happens when it encounters an unexpected obstacle?  animal, or a large boulder in the road?  is it smart enough to drive around? or will it stop?  Not sure if I'm ready to give up control.

  19. Скучно. Больше 30-40 км/ч этот прототип не разгоняется?  Уверен, что дисплеи на дверях это как минимум не удобно, а по факту и совсем не нужно. Хотя если это будущее то почему бы и нет, с чего то же надо начинать! Но ролик могли бы и по веселее снять.

  20. no heart, electronic bullshit.

  21. so fake… people wake up… this wouldnt be out till around 2030

  22. Muito bonito e caro, mas muito lerdo, e esses painéis nas portas, nada práticos.

  23. That'd be sweet but it looks like one ugly mother fucker.

  24. yes don't even look out the window at that beautiful landscape , use all the technology in the car insted , we will become robots.

  25. Ugliest car I have ever seen. WTF Mercedes!

  26. Can't tell if it's coming or going…

  27. its shit . If I want someone to drive  for me I would take a taxi or bus 

  28. Concepts cars are retarded, tiny ass table that takes 5 years to extent out.

  29. Miss a payment and it will drive itself to the dealership

  30. It seems nice, but it should be drive in busy place not in the middle nowhere…. 

  31. im so happy i got to see this at the detroit car show!

  32. Its fake ! why? how do you think they took the video and its in the middle of nowhere

  33. was expecting a horrific car accident advert

  34. words for this video would be a good idea.

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