Mercedes-Benz S400 Test Drive

Mercedes-Benz S400 Test Drive

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  1. Because everyone likes a scented “COCKPIT”

  2. ….must own at leaat one by december

  3. میاہ میاہ سیارة

  4. Hi dear sir how to change language my car screen on Arabic

  5. جمل جدا اخي العزيز شكرا و لكنني كنت أظن العرض بالعربي …

  6. everyone this guy talks I expect an explosion. suicide bomb.

  7. je prefèr la rolls roys a300 milles euros .

  8. those are not speakers in the back of the doors there vents for the cooling and heating for the driver and passenger seat

  9. s350 has 258 hp and 620 nm
    s400 has 333 hp and ? nm
    s500 has ? hp and ? nm
    s550 has ? hp and ? nm
    please fill up the bkanks

  10. wow what a review bro.. well done

  11. Excellent review. Well done!

  12. very very elegant car with new lamp

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