Mercedes S-Class 2019 in-depth review — Carbuyer

Mercedes S-Class 2019 in-depth review - Carbuyer

Mercedes S-Class review:

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Mercedes has long ruled the executive-car roost with its sublime S-Class. But with hi-tech new rivals from BMW, Audi and Lexus circling, is it still the class benchmark? James Batchelor finds out...

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Comments (32)

  1. plastic in s class? something go wrong

  2. Had my S560 for a few months now. More than I ever expected.

  3. Your Dad Own the Roads Or What?

  4. Matt Watson does reviews better …..this guy just sits on one position n talks ….u gotta move around and show us more of the car !!!

  5. Superb…..MindBlowing Mercedes S Klass S 500 Marvelous

  6. I'll wait after 5yrs you can get it for 30k

  7. why is this such a copy of carwow, even in the way he talks and the script.

  8. That silver trimmed steering wheel, as well as the rest of the silver looking plastics, is an aesthetic touch that requires a deep seated appreciation of — silver looking plastics. That’s a hard pass. Given the price of an S-Class, you’d think a customer would have interior panel options instead of that.

  9. The S Class, super standard for full-size luxury sedan
    It's getting close to completely new S Class which will be disclosed in 2020 and delivery from 2021 as before
    7 years after introducing the current S-Class in 2013

  10. What's the cost of this Merc???

  11. At 5:25 the camera person shows their finger and it is not cool.

  12. Trousers… what the actual F**k?!

  13. How many cars have you sold with your questionable stragedy?

  14. Where is the magic body control???


  16. Heads up you wired nerd, Jaguar is Indian.

  17. Remember Matt Watson was on this channel?

  18. You`re right James, Benz is the best!!!

  19. Great review, buh it's better to do reviews of all four; Lexus Ls, A8, 7 series and S class…

  20. Umm….so….what is happening to the driver while the rear seat goes flat???

  21. Lmao Mercedes sucks i prefer Audi or BMW

  22. It's 2018 not 2019 look at number plate

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