The S-Class, like this 2009 Mercedes-Benz S550, is still the best sedan in the world

The S-Class, like this 2009 Mercedes-Benz S550, is still the best sedan in the world

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2009 Mercedes-Benz S550 Sedan. Full review and test drive by Bill.

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  1. Best at being in the repair shop….lol

  2. Not everything is hard to do one handed

  3. Great vocals switchblade ,narcotics.hah hah …

  4. I have a 2010, and I have separation anxiety. I sat in the 2017, 2018 and I just can't find a reason to switch.. I did ceramic coating on my black 2010 and it looks new and the style seems timeless. I just hit 100k miles and while maintenance is hitting me for an average of $3000 a year (e.g., preventive work) this car has never failed me once (yet)… still drive like new and I've taken it on 2 long 400 mile trips, each drive was a flawless experience.. and you have to be careful because doing 90mph in this feels like 60mph in another car. I have 2 other MB, a 2017 E300 (wife) and 2018 GLS 450… my 2010 S is still my favorite car, ever. *This car also just saved my family and I from a for-sure accident if we were in another car: A car moved out-of-place from a Stop sign into my right of way path on the road (no Stop sign for me, but for them).. I swear I hit the breaks expecting to lighten the impact of what was going to be for sure a side collision into the crossing vehicle… Nope.. the S-Class stopped on a dime, from 40mph, in less than 2 secs, the car was at a complete stop, no screeching, no sliding, just dead instant stop… I then told my kid in the car, when he get grown with his own family, don't drive anything but a MB…

  5. Interior looks like a concert hall with the organ in the front

  6. How do you Put Up with the Mess of Boats After a Hurricane?

  7. Where Does Everyone Run Off to During the Summer From Florida?

  8. Too bad alot of these weren't reliable

  9. It’s not a car… it’s an sclass

  10. I love the Range Rover burn at the end….parts falling off…fires, etc.

  11. The s class is like a girlfriend, endless money pits

  12. Laughing my ASS OFF @ hiding narcotics hahahaa. Beautiful Car!!

  13. I was going to wach, but if you can't remember the car from Audi wich is A8 i don't think you cand do something ele se to make me believe you know a thing about cars.

  14. Nice car. Does the XM radio work?

  15. So much room for my Glocks LOL

  16. Piece of shit gas gessler overpriced hard maintenance and service and its made in poland and check republic, the genesis much luxurious and reliable from this german polish checky

  17. Bill you make my day!! 9:47 “this little panel to hide some narcotics or whatever else you want to take with you.”

  18. I love my E, can't wait to get an S

  19. Bro u r very good at reviewing you very underrated for sure

  20. Absolute rubbish, I’ve had my 2010 s550 for 9 years now and it’s been the most unreliable fragile rage inducing torture device I’ve ever owned

  21. Mercedes still was on land, sea, and air. Their aircraft engine department DASA ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DASA ) was sold to form EADS (Airbus, etc.). The V12 aircarft engines have been legendary.

    The ship engine (Diesel) was sold to MTU, but MB is now with their own power-boat´s back on water.

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