This is Why the Porsche Carrera GT is My Icon! | TEST DRIVE

This is Why the Porsche Carrera GT is My Icon! | TEST DRIVE

The Porsche Carrera GT is one of my favourite cars of all time, so what could be better to take one for a blast to bask in the glory of that V10 engine! The combination of such a fabulous exhaust note with the 6spd manual gearbox really and truly makes for a car that isn't quite as appreciated as I believe it should be. Does it deserve to be up towards the top of my dream car list? Let's find out!

The original Shquad may remember @thesupercargarage_ from a video we shot a full 7 years ago with a black Ferrari Enzo exactly in the spot we started this video. This time around though the collection has grown and now alongside the CGT features a Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Ferrari F40 and Ferrari 599 GTO amongst others. My choice for the day though, to go out to drive - the Porsche Carrera GT.

With a 5.7l naturally aspirated V10 developed for motorsport, the Carrera GT has a 6spd manual gearbox, removable targa roof panels, and many other aspects that combine to be one of the ultimate driver's package. Famously hard to drive and with a particularly challenging clutch, I headed straight out to some lovely countryside roads to get a feel for the noise and to try to explain what exactly makes it so wonderful.

A big thanks goes to @thesupercargarage_ for the opportunity to visit and film, there will be more to come! Don't forget to follow for the new arrivals soon on Instagram: http://instagram.com/thesupercargarage_

Thanks for watching, Tim

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  1. For a long time, the Porsche Carrera GT has been up towards the very top of my dream car list, standing out as a complete icon of its era. Thanks to @thesupercargarage_ I have the opportunity to take the keys and push on in this fantastic car to see what it's really like! Is it one of the greatest cars ever? Let's find out! http://instagram.com/thesupercargarage_

  2. Hello Shmee, can you please do a video of a Porsche 911 GT1—98


  4. The most iconic car killed the most iconic man

  5. "Shquad" sounds so awkward… great content anyway.

  6. Greatest supercar ever made!

  7. My ultimate favourite car in the world, you've made my day making another CGT vid, have a great day mate.

  8. UAE CGT was crashed sadly, front left side was sliced 🙁

  9. Really?? You said some people can think this is a normal Porsche??

  10. The Carrera GT is awesome

  11. You’re on the wrong side of the road!!

  12. 1.6 million subs!?!? What a shame. Watching this guy makes me want to commit suicide.

  13. Bad driving habit to put the gear lever in neutral slowing down to a stop. I have seen you doing it before. Get rid of it. Nice video though thanks.

  14. Tim would you consider buying or having another go in a RUF 911 ?

  15. Relax a little bit when ure talking..lol just playing

  16. So how do you pull away at a steep road like a car park drive way with out burning the clutch?
    Could anyone answer me this question ?

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