Class Notes: What to Do at a Concert

Class Notes: What to Do at a Concert

The Class Notes video «What To Do at a Concert» is designed to help teachers clarify some of the expectations for classical audiences. It uses humor to get at the heart of why classical music calls for a more expansive share of our attention than other kids of performance do, and why it’s worth doing so.

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  1. Girl siricley fine for ladies

  2. This is perfect for my elementary music students. Thanks!

  3. Dunno how I got into this video I was looking for things to let me chill out because my fri

  4. This is great — can I have permission to share this at a theater production for our elementary school?

  5. I should use this at my high school!

  6. This is fantastic! I love your channel! I am a music therapist at a school district…may I use your videos as teaching tools for small and large groups within the school?

  7. I don't like it much but ok.

  8. Love this! Asking for permission to use this at a middle school recital performance?

  9. Wilson Elementary Music Classes LOVE this video! Thank you for quality education! 🙂

  10. Asking permission to use this video for a WebQuest project for my Master's in Music at Kent University

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