Nirvana — Come As You Are (Evokings Remix)

Nirvana - Come As You Are (Evokings Remix)

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Comments (23)

  1. Who’s here because of the Captain Marvel movie?

  2. kurt would of hated this lmao

  3. this is a fucking disgrace to NIRVANA!!!

  4. when i spell it i dont have a gun, proceeds to shoot himself oof 🙁

  5. In rolling my face off on two pink bugerkings and this is a raw mix

  6. Well this is terrible. You absolutely destroyed this song. Don’t mean to hate but this is just utter crap.

  7. anyone here from the Versace show?

  8. Man, I‘m a massive Nirvana fan and thought this would be gruesome but now that I watch it it‘s only halfway gruesome! I still prefer the original by many many times haha

  9. Que asco!! Que le hicieron a esta leyenda, herejía!!!!!!

  10. Pozdrawiam Grzegorza grzyboeskiego on mnie zaraził nirvana

  11. Im glad i came into this with an open mind.
    Superb remix!!!

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