Woody Shaw; Freddy Hubbard; Joe Henderson; McCoy Tyner; Avery Sharpe; Louis Hayes 1986 — Live

Woody Shaw; Freddy Hubbard; Joe Henderson; McCoy Tyner; Avery Sharpe; Louis Hayes 1986 - Live

Festival gig in France.. Although advertised as McCoy Tyner’s outfit, this is obviously a pick-up group.

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  1. Wishing there was a heart react on Youtube….

  2. Satchmo and Brownie influences are obvious in Hubbard's playing. Woody is more on the Miles side of it.

  3. damn. that jacket. listening now

  4. direct bass is killing this ….never put the bass through the system… this is painful … death by walking…. Freddies mic is up to better compete with the white noise of the bass…. Woody could not get on top of it…. if woody would have had a clear shot at a harmonic space not buried he would have been great

  5. Lundi 21 juillet 1986, un magnifique concert auquel j'ai assisté. En première partie, Carmen Mc Rae. Superbe Freddy Hubbard dont la puissance tonitruante m'est restée en souvenir. Avec un enregistrement par la TV française de service public sous la conduite du grand Jean-Christophe Averty. Merci…

  6. I once saw Woody play a phenomenal version of "I Can't Get Started" at the now defunct Both/And. After he finished I shook his hand and said "You really smoked the place tonight he nodded and just said, "I didn't cut it". Lord what a perfectionist!! I think he was a most under rated trumpeter and when asked by Down Beat who was his favorite trumpet players, Miles said "Woody Shaw, Lester Bowie and Don Cherry". He even urged Columbia to sign him on."

  7. 4 jazz legends and 2 jazz greats, you can't lose!

  8. some of the best trumpet porn

  9. Music is great. Camera work is stupid!

  10. and I love so much Mac Coy Tyner!

  11. Un génial duel de trompette

  12. Hub and Woody. Strong disciples of Brownie. Lee had the closest tone and phrasing to the latter.

  13. WOW what a line up great xxxx

  14. The Bass Player must have mastered this…low trumpets, loud BASS!

  15. All of today's Jazz Trumpet and Flugelhorn players' sound, technique and improvisational approach comes from Woody's, Freddie's, Mile's, Clifford's and Dizzy's Genius innovations. May they all be Jammin' in God's Eternal Peace….

  16. So sweet it's has me smiling ear to ear!

  17. This is no" pickup band." This is an all-star lineup. does or can this even happen anymore? If so, it's as rare as a August 21st solar eclipse!

  18. Funny mix. Bass as loud as the rest of the group together.

  19. Immaculate dialogue of instruments. Its total extravaganza.

  20. Awesome video works while freddie's solo on sandu.

  21. Avery Sharp is a monster. best bass solos ever.

  22. Un gran trompetista Woody Shaw, que pena que nos haya dejado tan joven. Impresionante solo.

  23. What a pickup group! C'mon…..

  24. great musicians doing great things.

  25. Louis Hayes and Avery Sharp were with McCoy for years. Not a "pick up group" except for the horn players.

  26. Yes — Woody's kick off is original but a nod in tribute to Clifford.

  27. so what waas that tune anyways…

  28. Great players but the tune bled to death slowly top to bottom. It started at quarter = 140 and ended at ~125 bpm.

  29. I want to know who is the one horse's ass who didn't like this???

  30. that Yamaha 4335 trumpet aint makin it, he needed a Calicchio like Freddie 😉

  31. Woody's approach is amazing; unconventional and harmonically interesting.

  32. Freddie Hubbard, King of the Trumpeters!!!

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